Remember who and what you find.

Get more help from your network.

 299 people are waiting in line.

Connect people, emails and links you find online to private threads about your goals.

Ask your contacts for help and collect their referrals and advice under your threads.

Mesa makes life easier for the
highly connected entrepreneur

Your goals come first

Online networking and browsing works best when there's a clear purpose. Mesa helps you quickly assign the people and information you find online under each of your goals.


Make it easy to help you

People are busy! Mesa lets your contacts help you anywhere/anytime, and collects their responses under your corresponding goals. They don't even need to use Mesa :-)

Regain focus (but stay connected!)

Online networking and browsing can be time-consuming and inefficient: logging into many platforms, scanning feeds and lists, texting and posting often, scheduling calls and meetings to "catch up"... Cut back on all that with Mesa :-)

Access your network's wisdom.