Get more referrals and advice.

Spend less time networking.

 290 people are waiting in line.

Start private threads around your business goals.

Display and share them quickly across all platforms.

Collect referrals and advice from your top contacts.

Mesa makes life easier for the
highly connected entrepreneur

Your goals come first

Your professional network should be a fast source of references, advice and information to help you succeed, not an end in itself to “grow” or manage.”


Make it easy to help you

People are busy and distracted! Mesa lets them comment anywhere/anytime, and helps you collect it all under your goals. It works just as well if they don't use Mesa!

Regain focus (but stay connected!)

Online networking nowadays is time-consuming and inefficient: logging into many platforms, scanning feeds and lists, texting and posting non-stop, scheduling calls and meetings to "catch up"... Cut back on all that with Mesa :-)

Access your network's wisdom.